Product Design

For almost two decades M.J.M has worked with clients from all over the UK & Europe where the client has utilised our in house expertise to help them achieve project deliverables in a successful & timely manner and within budget.

By working with us, clients find that rapid product development and lower costs can actually go hand in hand. That means your business enjoys increased profits, it’s as simple as that.

M.J.M.’s philosophy is straightforward, the company is committed to the highest standards of client service, upholding client confidentiality and developing a rapport founded on mutual trust. As a result we enjoy long standing relationships with many organisation's in a wide variety of industries.

M.J.M initially worked with one CAD System, Pro/Engineer. Back in 2008 we were recieving an increased amount of inquiries from potential clients using Solidworks. The decision was taken to add Solidworks to our portfolio of Design tools. We felt this would improve our flexibility with dedicated Solidworks users and make us more accessible to new customers and we have been proved correct with increasing work coming from companies using Solidworks.

We also utilise Power Surfacing RE (a Solidworks plugin) for our reverse Engineering Service.

We have also invested in 3D scanning software, Flexscan 3D. This powers our 3D scanning facility enabling the capture and deviation checking of mesh entities.