D.S.E.I System Integration Mock up

We were approached by a client and asked to look at creating a mock-up of one of their vehicles for the DSEI show in London. They also wanted to use the unit as a system integration facility. The unit had to be ready a number of weeks prior to the show with no possibility of slippage. So it was agreed to have weekly meetings showing progress and giving us the ability to iron out any issues prior to manufacturing.

It was also agreed that we would take on the manufacturing of the unit through one of our preferred suppliers and would manage the whole project up to the point of delivery to client.

The Mock-up was to represent the inside of one of their new vehicles in order to exhibit their new technology and for delegates and dignitaries to get a simulated experience inside the vehicle. As most Mock-up vehicles in the past had been made from wood, we decided to take a different approach and design the unit from Aluminium.

The clients specification listed all the equipment they wanted to include in the unit with the most challenging being that they wanted to mount a all seats from the roof and with the constant movement in and out of the seats from delegates & staff we knew this could pose a problem.

The unit also needed to be transportable and due to it’s size we decided it would be better to make it in two halves. We also designed our own custom low profile C Rail for mounting all the equipment.

We progressed with the design and with regular meetings we were able to iron out snags that occurred prior to manufacturing. The project was successfully delivered on time and was a big success at DSEI and also enhanced their system integration capability.