Painting Jig

We were asked by a manufacturing client to design a jig to enable them to mount, transport and spray a number of units for one of their clients.

From a functional point of view we were given  specific criteria which had be met.

Due to the unit would be transported around the manufacturing facility via the jig we needed to carry out FEA on the frame to ensure it was capable of fulfilling this function whilst also withstanding sudden movements such as being dropped.


We utilised Solidworks Weldments feature to create the Jig Frame while utilising Solidworks Simulation for the FEA.

The unit passed our FEA requirements and was approved by the client. It is currently be fabricated.

The jig will also undergo certification testing for use in the factory and it will also  corroborate our FEA analysis.

Due to IP we cannot stipulate any specifics about the FEA other than to say the stress plot was clipped at 50% of the material yield.