Gear-Gearbox Alignment Equipment

We were approached by a company needing advice on the most suitable and cost effective way forward in Reverse Engineering a set of gear alignment equipment for locomotives. There were 3 sets of equipment but only one was accurate enough for use as the previous attempt to reverse engineer the equipment had failed to produce the kit with the correct accuracy.

The equipment is used worldwide so with only one set available it was important to achieve the customers requirement in a relatively short time.

We decided that the most efficient way to measure the high tolerance parts was to use CMM as the cost would be lower and also lead time would be shorter than if we had 3D Scanned them. Upon receipt of the CMM information &  using our own measurements taken from the equipment we produced a full set of 3D Model data & 2D manufacturing drawings for approval by the customer.

We also made recommendations to improve assembly & tolerance stack up including the use of a phosphor bronze bearing machining to final tolerance after installation.

The customer passed off the Reverse Engineered Designs & also took on board our design modification suggestions.



Images to follow.