Electrical Enclosure Design (BB)

We were asked by our client to provide a complete cubicle design which was to include full electrical system integration for a Thyristor control supply unit  for their client.  This was for the Bombardier Test Track Facility. The purpose of the unit was to enable the switching of current between test tracks. The Unit was to be installed in Derby.

The enclosure design needed to accommodate our customers electrical design & integrate with the customers mechanical and electrical interface at site. Our client provided an electrical specification highlighting such areas such as creepage and clearance, ventilation and IP rating requirements. This enabled us to make good progress with the mechanical outline of the cubicle. Once we had an outline cubicle design we then started to work closer with our customers electrical Engineers on the system integration as this was least risk under a tight delivery schedule.

The enclosure consisted of a single 3mm thick cubicle frame on a plinth with a variety of electrical components inside. The cubicle also had an external canopy allowing ventilation while maintaining IP requirements.

The enclosure design had to adhered to all safety standards set out in the specification.



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