Design Change Service

For decades the ability to achieve profitable product development has been vital for most companies, this has been the case for long before the current hype surrounding the term ‘innovation’.

While it is possible to find radically new solutions (i.e., to innovate) in several other areas than products and services, a company that fails in the product development area will normally not last very long.  So a lot of innovation efforts is naturally focused on developing new products.

However, improving the form, fit, & functionality or competitiveness of current designs is just as important. This does however place increased pressure on in house resources and this is where we can help.

We can take your design changes (DCO’S, DCR’S, UOR’S) and carry out required the required work to your exact specification within the change order.

The process is simple, you send us the part and drawing which requires modification, including any associated parts/assemblies along with your change order. We modify the part, update your drawing and send it back. All of this process can be carried out using collaborative web environments minimising impact on your in house resource.

This allows you to keep your Engineers at the forefront of your product development programme.

Should you wish to discuss this service further please contact us.