3D Scanning/Reverse Engineering

Our Scanning Equipment

Our HDI Advance 3D Scanner is a flexible system that is capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes sim

ply by changing the scanner’s field of view (FOV). The FOV is the observable area that the system is able to capture from a specific distance. It can be changed by placing the cameras in different preset slots or by replacing them with interchangeable camera lenses. We can normally configure the system to match your precise 3D scanning needs.

Scanner Statistics

Each individual scan takes just 0.88 seconds to complete.

Resolution: Up to 2.6 million points (5.2 million polygons)Accuracy: Up to 50 microns (0.002”)


Upon receipt of the part we will determine whether the part is more suitable for turntable scanning or hand manipulation. The part may need preparation prior to 3d scanning as some parts in their raw status are not suitable for scanning, ie reflectivity etc.

The part is 3D scanned, resulting point cloud is converted to a mesh & is then bought into either Solidworks or Creo Elements formerly (Pro Engineer).

If we are carrying out complete Reverse Engineering service then we will use Power surfacing RE. The Power Surfacing RE tools enable

us to define a Power Surface shape over the top of the referenced 3D mesh. Alternatively we can send the file to one of our conversion specialists.

To sum up there are two services we offer,

  • 3D Scan & supply raw scanned data.
  • 3D Scan & Reverse Engineer the component & supply the part either as native Creo/Solidworks or a simple step/IGES file.