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Our 3D Printing Equipment

Our in house printing facilities enhance our services by providing customers with a potential one stop shop. This makes it ideal for not only companies but also for individuals who have ideas they want to bring too life.

We use two in house printers, the Stratasys Mojo (Abs FDM) & the Form 1+ which utilises Stereolithography technology to print.

For printing we use stl files, however should the need arise we are able to convert your files utilising one of our two CAD systems, Creo Elements or Solidworks.


Stratasys Mojo

3D Printing Services StaffordshireA 3D printer that uses FDM Technology (fused deposition modeling) to build spot-on, functional concept models and rapid prototypes in ABSplus thermoplastic.

Model material:

ABSplus in ivory - Other colours available at additional cost

Support material:
SR-30 soluble

Maximum part size:
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm (5 x 5 x 5 in.) (parts can be broken down into suitable sizes and joined after printing)

3 Layer thickness:

0.076 mm (0.003 in.)
0.127 mm (0.005 in.)
0.178 mm (0.007 in.)

 The parts are processed through the Mojo Print software giving us accurate use of material for quotation purposes.


Wavewash 55 SystemPlastic and steel carafe resembles a home coffee maker.

Soluble support is the magic behind Mojo’s ability to print intricate parts with overhangs, and even moving assemblies, in one job. The WaveWash 55 is our support removal system. It lets us remove support material without tedious and costly cleaning, by simply dissolving it away in a water-based solution.We simply pop your 3D printed part off the modeling base and drop it in. The WaveWash 55 maintains the right temperature and agitation to efficiently reveal your ready-to-use part.





Form 1+ PrinterStereolithography 3d printing service

The form1+ printer is the highest resolution desktop printer available, printing models layer by layer to create your 3d model. The form1+ can print layers of up to 0.025 mm which is 4 times smaller than a human hair. This creates an extremely precise and smooth surface finish that other 3d printers cannot match.

The Form 1+ uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to achieve a professional print quality that plastic extrusion printers cannot match.



We offer clear resin and flexible resin. Clear resin is perfect for showing off interior elements of your 3d model and is a rapid prototyping material. Flexible resin is what it says it is, flexible. It has great compression characteristics for a host of engineering applications; it is versatile, tactile, and impact-resistant. Both materials exhibit smooth surface finishes and excellently capture fine details.


Maximum part size:

The form1+ build dimensions are 125 x 125 x 165 mm. For larger models, we can print multiple segments.


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